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Spring Break

SEA Academy at OASIS NC operates on a year round schedule.  This means we have 4, three week breaks each year.  This year, Spring Break will be from March 19th-April 11th.   OASIS NC will be using this time to begin parts of our renovation projects.  This involves taking down a few walls, installing new carpet, creating a new outdoor learning space, and getting a fresh coat of paint!

Camp Explore

During the break, OASIS NC will offer it’s Camp Explore program from April 5th-April 9th.   This camp’s theme is “NATURE” and is available for students in grades K-12.  Our SEAA students have requested to create a short film during this time, so stay tuned for another OASIS NC production!  Also, make sure to visit our Camp Explore page for more information and register by March 10th!

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