Financial Aid


Financial Assistance

Receiving and providing quality services for children is expensive!  OASIS NC understands the strain it can place on families and makes every effort to keep our fees as low as possible.  Scholarship funds are raised throughout the year through fundraisers and applying for grants.  A few of our families have been successful in planning their own fundraisers and also applying for their own personal grants!  Here are a few links to possible financial resources.  If you know of any others, or notice that a link no longer works, please email me ( and I will update the list ASAP!   Thanks

 North Carolina State Scholarships and Grants

State Grant applications open February 1st for the following school year! Check your documents early to make sure you have what they need... especially the DEC3!!

Applications are VERY easy and we encourage everyone to apply!

OASIS NC Scholarships

We are very grateful for our community supporters that allow us to offer additional scholarships for our students, including Landfall Foundation, Eshelman Foundation, and NC Community Foundation.  Our financial aid application can be found of the forms page of this website. (

Many decisions go into the Financial Aid packages for OASIS NC, including availability of funds and number of applicants, but priority is given to families that:

  • Have limited income
  • Do not receive any of the state grants (or only one)
  • Have more than one child they would like to enroll
  • Travel >1hr each way

Other Resources: