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The mission of OASIS NC is to provide Outstanding Academic and Social Instructional Services that promote independence, confidence, and compassion in autistic children, teens, and adults. We use evidence-based practices and highly individualized services and supports to target a broad range of educational, behavioral, social, and communication needs.


OASIS NC designs multiple programs using the nine values below.  Sample activities that support each of these values are also included to demonstrate how we bring them into "the real world".

Academic and Personal Excellence

High aspirations of academic achievement and personal character build the foundation for self-confidence and independence.

  • Sample Activities: Great Books, the main reading curriculum at SEAA, is a curriculum with themes based on character education (courage, friendship, etc.).

Compassion and Respect for All

Compassion for yourself, others, animals, and the environment is above all else at SEA Academy.

  • Sample Activities: Visit a farm animal sanctuary, invite Wilmington Compost Company to come do a demonstration, and participate in beach/waterway clean ups with the Plastic Ocean Project.

Creativity and Confidence

Nurturing creativity in a supportive environment removes the fear of making mistakes and strengthens one’s self-expression.

  • Sample Activities: Positive, daily affirmations ("I am enough!"), talent show, film festival, and self-advocacy exercises.

Diversity and Tolerance

Knowledge and acceptance of others’ differences, as well the ability to solve conflicts peacefully, prepares students for living in a globally connected society. We happily welcome students of all abilities, races, religions, and members of our LGBTQIA community.

  • Sample Activities: PRIDE week, Hidden Heroes, Club SODA

Social Skills

Friendships are essential for everyone, and time to develop meaningful relationships is a vital part of our curriculum.

  • Sample Activities: Partners (two times a week, students spend Block 4 with another student learning a new leisure activity).

Health and Nutrition

Forming healthy eating and exercise habits early in life promotes healthy choices based on an understanding of nutrient-rich whole foods.

  • Sample Activities: Nutrition Lab, schoolwide ban on soda/fast food, Heart Healthy Day, OMD (one mile a day/one meal a day)

Independence and Leadership

Mindfulness and self-awareness instruction encourages students to look within to become the next generation of leaders!

  • Sample Activities: Middle and High School students have the opportunity to mentor Elementary Students

Nature and Respect for the Environment

Spending time in nature develops an appreciation for the environment and provides opportunities for silence and reflection.

  • Sample Activities: Pond exploration, OMD (one mile a day), trips to Halyburton, Long Leaf, and Empie Parks, Protect the Planet

Service and Community

Developing the practice of serving others benefits oneself, the community, and the world.

  • Sample Activities: Volunteering with Plastic Ocean Project, Lattimer House, and the Arboretum.