What We Do


Be a part of something big! Help more children, adolescents, and families gain access to enriching opportunities.

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What We Do

OASIS NC is a place where children will experience friendship, learning, happiness, and personal growth into young adulthood. OASIS NC was created based on the belief that children should be able to learn and play in a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment where their unique personalities are celebrated and their differences are appreciated.

Our School

Our year-round, private day school, SEA Academy, offers individualized strength and interest-based learning opportunities, and equips our students with the tools they need to develop friendships, navigate our community, and maximize their potential. Our dedicated staff is passionate about ensuring each student’s success and happiness.

Our Programs

Our enrichment programs provide opportunities to explore and expand special talents and build social, athletic, academic, investigative and artistic skills.  We also offer family support at home and through sibling workshops to help foster meaningful connections within families. Please contact us before applying.  Programs vary on availability due to interest and staffing. Thank you!