COVID-19 Protocol


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Navigating COVID 19

Dear Families,

As we continue to adjust for COVID 19, please know that keeping everyone healthy AND keeping students in school are both very important to us.  Currently, students exhibiting cold/flu symptoms will be sent home, or asked to stay home, if there is a fever, frequent coughing, and/or fatigue.  OASIS NC follows all guidelines set forth by our local, New Hanover County Health department.  We look forward to providing a clean, organized, and joyful school experience for your children.

Thank you!


Changes and new protocols include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arrival: Enter the driveway closest to Independence.  When you are in front of the school, students can be dropped off at the door (smaller students will be escorted in by a teacher for safety.)  Exit the driveway closest to OASIS.
  • Enter/Exit doors will be based on classroom assignments. Students will enter and leave through their assigned door.
  • Dismissal: Enter the driveway closest to Independence.  A staff member will send out and/or walk students out one at a time.  Exit the driveway closest to OASIS.

Health and Wellness:

  • Any student coughing, sneezing, or showing other signs of sickness at any point during the day will be sent home.  If it is a chronic allergy issue, individualized accommodations can be discussed.
  • If any staff member or student is diagnosed with Covid-19, they will have to stay home for 5 days.


  • Only staff members will be allowed to touch door handles and light switches (except in bathrooms).  They will be wiped down after.
  • Bathrooms will be color coded according to classroom assignment.  Visits will be monitored so that proper disinfection by our staff can follow before another person needs to use it.
  • High quality air filters will be used and changed frequently.  We do not have windows that open, and we cannot keep our doors open due to safety.


  • All students must bring in their personal, labelled & filled water bottle.  If a student needs a refill, a staff will pour filtered water into their bottle.


  • Travel within the school will be limited. Students that switch classrooms during the day will only switch once and students will transition through the outside area.
  • Movement breaks will still be provided at their desks and outside.
  • Recess for younger students will still be provided in small groups.
  • Older students will take a daily walk while maintaining social distance.


  • Everything a student needs for lunch and snack should be in their lunch box.


  • Students may wear masks if they feel more comfortable.
  • Students exposed to COVID 19 will be required to wear one for 5 days.

Mental Health

  • We recognize that our students’ mental health is as important as their physical health, and we will be monitoring each student for signs of depression/anxiety.  In general, OASIS NC is very mindful of our students mental health.  We try to put friends in the same classes, allow time for jokes/memes, teach strategies to deal with anxiety and depression, allow for more outside experiences, incorporate interests, etc.


  • Any student that has had direct exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID 19, and is able to avoid contact with that person moving forward, will have to quarantine from school for 14 days.
  • Any student that has had direct exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID 19, and CANNOT avoid contact with that person moving forward, will have to quarantine from school for at least 24 days.
  • We consult the Health Department to determine the recommended number of days for students to quarantine after/during exposure.


Please leverage the visual aids and social stories as additional guides to help your child understand this unique time. distancing.pdf

Below is a link with many resources, videos (for kids), and social stories: