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Why We Are Needed and How We Help
In the year 2012, more children were diagnosed with autism than with childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes or pediatric AIDS combined.  Incredibly, 1 in 68 of the children enrolled in New Hanover County Schools are diagnosed with autism, well over the national average of 1 in 88.  Therefore, it is very likely someone you know, or someone your son or daughter knows, is affected by autism.  Autism is a neurological disorder that affects social and communication skills.  This means skills other children learn naturally, like making friends and having a conversation, are very difficult.  Although kids with autism may look “normal”, this disability leaves them feeling lonely, frustrated, scared, and a target for bullying.
Fortunately, autism is not hopeless.  OASIS NC’s unique approach includes balanced and research-based programs that significantly improve the communication, play, social, behavioral, and academic skills of children with autism.  We help children with autism to make friends, be successful in school, and become productive members of our community.  We bring joy to children and give families hope for their child’s future and, amazingly, there is not another program like it in this area.
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