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* We are currently working on expanding our space in order to be able to offer this program! *

Please visit our A Million Dreams Campaign for an update on our progress! 

VENTURES is a year round, inclusive, after-school program at OASIS NC designed for children who need extra social skills support¬† during play, group activities, and community outings.¬†¬†We present ‚Äúfun‚ÄĚ as an opportunity to try something new over multiple weeks, which in turn, gives your child a chance to develop new interests and friendships.¬† Ventures provides opportunities to explore our wonderful community, try new sports, games, and activities, and play with friends, old and new! Children with autism, anxiety, ADHD, and other learning differences will particularly benefit from this program!

Passports, Pins, and Badges

Each child will have a passport filled with projects or experiences to complete over the semester.  The passport will serve as a visual checklist of activities, ranging from pizza making to building a clubhouse to playing a new game. This visual is needed to help your child see what he/she will be doing and when it will be accomplished.     

Each child will earn pins or badges for completing activities in his/her Passport.  This gives him/her a sense of accomplishment as well as a visual to show his/her family and friends what he has been doing at VENTURES. They will collect pins on a lanyard for display or to wear.

Typical VENTURES Afternoon

3:00 Snack/Games

3:15  VENTURES Social Group

3:45 Outside/Inside Play with Friends

4:15  GoVENTURE/PlayVENTURE/CareVENTURE Activities

4:45- 5:00 My Choice and Pickup

*Some days may be a community outing and parents may need to pick up at our outing location.

What is a GoVENTURE?

We jump in the van and off we go to experience activities in Wilmington together, such as eating in a new restaurant, buying a grocery list for a recipe, or visiting a plant nursery to purchase some flowers or vegetables to grow.  Students will take their VENTURES Passports to check off the required activities to earn the Project Pin. 

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What is a PlayVENTURE?

This is classic fun, either experienced at our campus or out in the community.  For example, we will be spending time playing kickball, baseball, frisbee, beach football, bowling, and other sports. We want to share games and interests, learning new ones and enjoying our favorites with friends.   As we know, new ways to play can be a challenge in that it is a  break from routine for some kids.  At OASIS, we love to build in the required structure and visuals so our kids will feel comfortable as they try something new.  We also want to showcase our kids’ individual interests by having them share them with their friends.

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What is a CareVENTURE?

Our kids are innately loving and concerned when they recognize a need or problem.  We want to nurture this trait by providing opportunities to give back to others. Our kids have endless ideas and  will have input based on their interests.  Projects include making care packages for homeless and elderly, clean up trash, build a recycling center at OASIS… all projects that will teach responsibility, empathy, and participation in the process of  brainstorming, listening, planning,, cooperating, and implementing a service project. 

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VENTURES Registration Fee $50 

We are certain your child will enjoy the club-like environment while having the chance to play and hang out with their friends, go places, and try new things.  We provide a safe, happy, and welcoming setting where they can be themselves. If your child is resistant to new activities, VENTURES is the ideal opportunity for a change in the daily routine and to build flexibility in interests.  Encourage your child to try it for the semester and come join the fun!

Students must be in grades 2-8, be able to participate in a small group, and not have any verbally or physically aggressive behaviors. 

Contact Kim or Erika at OASIS for more information