Oasis NC Lake


Our wonderful SmartBoards (provided by the Landfall Foundation) inspire our students to learn their addresses!

Technology is an integral part of SEA Academy and is used to both support and enhance the learning experience. All classrooms are wired for high-speed Internet access and students have the opportunity to utilize computers as appropriate throughout the curriculum. Our curriculum is presented in a multimedia/multisensory format that is highly engaging and well-suited to our students’ learning styles.
Classroom instruction incorporates a wide variety of technological resources such as online resources, streaming video, word processing software, and graphic organization software for writing. Electronic media such as videos, DVDs and CDs enhance delivery of curriculum content. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice keyboarding to enhance their typing proficiency and written work output. Older students are taught to use multimedia tools to develop presentations and enhance their work.

*** We have been very fortunate to receive grants from the Landfall Foundation for the past three years.   We have used the grant funds to purchase SMART Boards for two of our classroom (SMARTBoard is pictured above).  Most recently, Landfall Foundation provided OASIS NC with a Literacy Lab that included 4 Chromebooks, 4 Kindle Fires, and a variety of literacy books and workbooks.  We appreciate Landfall Foundation’s generosity each day as we use our new technology to help our students become even more engaged and successful learners! ***