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We are SO grateful to the Landfall Foundation for providing us with our Great Books reading curriculum.  We selected Great Books because it uses high quality literature that focuses on social skills.  It also uses a shared inquiry approach to instruction that requires students learn and read actively, to write clearly and persuasively, to listen thoughtfully, to think critically and compassionately, and to act responsibly.  For more information on Shared Inquiry, click here.

Junior Great Books K–1

The new Junior Great Books Series K–1 is an interactive read-aloud program focused on helping young learners develop three key Shared Inquiry skills—listening, wondering, and sharing.

Junior Great Books® Grades 2–5

Our Junior Great Books® Series 2-5 materials bring high-quality literature and student-centered discussion to your classroom while providing a superb framework for practicing reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing. Stories are grouped by key age-appropriate social and emotional themes.

Junior Great Books® Nonfiction Inquiry Grades 3–5

Our Junior Great Books® Nonfiction Inquiry classroom materials for grades 3, 4, and 5 help teachers and students extend inquiry-based learning into informational texts. Each grade-level set features 9 high-quality nonfiction units aligned with grade-appropriate national benchmarks in science and social studies as well as national standards for reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Great Books Roundtable™ for Grades 6–8

An engaging program that includes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry selections—supports differentiated instruction through literature and activities that resonate with middle school students.

Supplemental Programs

Students also complete novel studies and practice their language arts skills using IXL throughout the year.  Each quarter also has a focused written language project. Examples include themed powerpoint presentations, research paper, and narratives/persuasive/expository writing.
For more information on Great Books, please visit their website: https://www.greatbooks.org/great-books-k-12-programs/