Oasis NC Lake

Project Based Learning

Protect the Planet
Our newest project is one that is very important not only to us, but to the world! Students (and staff) are learning ways to move towards becoming a plant-based, zero-waste school. We have learned about the impact trash (especially plastic and Styrofoam) is having on our environment locally and globally, small changes we can make to help, and ways to advocate for others to get on board. We are excited to be partnering up with UNCW’s Plastic Ocean Project and other local organizations for the 2018-19 school year! Students that attend SEA Academy (and their families) must agree to:

  • Only bring food/drinks in reusable containers/bags (no single use plastic)
  • Only use reusable straws
  • Only bring healthy, whole foods for lunch (no fast food, candy, soft drinks, etc.)
  • Participate in quarterly fresh water/ocean clean ups

Film Festival
Each year, students create a film about a topic that is meaningful to them.  This student-led project requires them to be engaged and involved throughout the entire process.  After all the films are edited and finalized, they are proudly presented at the Stone Theaters at Barclay!
Haunted House
Another student-led project is our annual Haunted House.  Students create concepts for a classroom and are involved in set and costume design.  The public is invited to participate… if they dare!