Oasis NC Lake

Intersession Camps

* We are currently working on expanding our space in order to be able to offer this program! *

Please visit our A Million Dreams Campaign for an update on our progress! 

Each intersession camp includes engaging activities to enrich students’ academic abilities, physical well being, creative mind, and compassionate spirit.  High-interest themes such as coding and the environment will stimulate authentic participation and motivation to learn.
Intersession Camps are aligned and designed with the core values of OASIS NC:
Academic and Personal Excellence: Campers will participate in lessons created by certified educators on the thematic unit, explore with hands on activities related to the topic, and deepen their understanding with motivating technology.
Creativity and Confidence: Campers will engage in numerous activities that encourage creativity and innovation. We love fostering out-of-the-box thinking and seeing what they create!
Compassion for All: OASIS NC strives to provide a safe, stress fee environment for our campers by providing compassionate instruction for themselves, others, animals, and the environment. Campers will participate in daily social skill discussions and activities prepared by a Special Education teacher.
Diversity and Tolerance: Campers will be expected to be kind to each other regardless of gender, race, religion, ability, opinions, or any other difference!  While we acknowledge feelings of frustration, annoyance, and even anger, we guide students through a peaceful conflict-resolution process based on non-violent communication.
Friendships and Fun! The most important part of any camp!
Health and Wellness: Campers will participate in engaging physical activities to provide the daily movement and exercise recommended for healthy lifestyles. This includes yoga and mindfulness sessions to build concentration and self-regulation., an hour of swim at UNCW, and daily walks along the cross-city trail. Campers will also become active participants in planning and preparing the healthy snacks through OASIS NC’s Nutrition Lab program.
Nature and Reflection: Staff at OASIS NC recognizes the importance of relaxation and reflection and provides multiple opportunities throughout the day to recharge and reset at our pond, on our walking path, and in our dimly lit student lounge.
Service and Community:  Field trips are included with Enrollment!!  We are excited to get the students out in the community and feel comfortable exploring and interacting with new people and places!

  • Field trips are in the planning phase…  Farm, Halyburton Park, and bowling are possibilities! Field trips, as well as the rest of our instruction, tends to be student directed.  We love listening to their ideas and encouraging them to share their interests with their friends.

*Children attending Intersession Camps must be able to (1) communicate verbally, (2) participate in a small group, (3) use the bathroom independently, and (4) have no aggressive, self-injurious, or destructive behaviors.*