Oasis NC Lake


Do you need a break? Enjoy time to yourself or with your family while your child with autism has fun with his/her new friends!

Raising a child with autism is extremely difficult and caregivers are rarely able to take much needed time for themselves.  OASIS NC recognizes this need and wants to help by offering two services: Parents’ Night Out and Saturday Socials.
Caregivers will be able to:

  • Go out to eat, go to the beach, go grocery shopping, or take a nap!
  • Trust their child is being well taken care of by a staff that understands autism and can respond to their needs.
  • Be kid free for a few hours… what’s that like??!!

Children will be able to:

  • Make new friends
  • Experience typical play-date activities
  • Have fun!


  • Make a snack/craft
  • Play games
  • Tell jokes
  • Watch a movie

Parents’ Night Out
Parents and caregivers and enjoy time to themselves or spend quality time with other family members while their child with autism has fun with his/her new friends!
2012 Hours:
6pm-9pm (Dates TBA)
Saturday Socials
Saturday morning socials give parents the opportunity to run errands, go grocery shopping, or have coffee with other parents of children with autism.
2012-2013 Hours:
1pm-4pm (Dates TBA)
Costs: $35 ($5 for each additional sibling)
*Children attending Parent’s Night Out and/or Saturday Socials must have no aggressive, self-injurious, or destructive behaviors.  Children with these challenges may benefit from intensive help-at-home services.*