Oasis NC Lake

Health Education

Physical Education
We are very fortunate to have an ongoing collaboration with UNCW’s School of Health and Sciences.  Our students travel to UNCW one day a week to receive one-on-one swimming instruction!  We are also working on creating a yoga and meditation program for next school year. In addition, we are very fortunate to be located on Wilmington’s Cross-City Trail and go for Nature Walks daily!
Nutritional Education
Nutrition is a core value of the founders of OASIS NC and we feel that it is an important life skill for all of our students to learn.  We encourage a diet of healthy, whole foods instead of packaged, processed foods by creating enthusiasm for eating healthy through a hands-on approach! Throughout the school year, students will:

  • Plant a vegetable garden
  • Learn about specific benefits of a wide variety of healthy, whole foods
  • Learn to make 3-4 healthy recipes each quarter
  • Track their weekly “Daily Dozen” intake