Oasis NC Lake


“These ladies have made a huge impact on my 11 year old son who has never read a word! After being in OASIS afternoon program 2 days a week he is starting to read and recognize words! We are so excited to have him enrolled in oasis private school full time when they open next month! This ladies are teachers by profession but in every parent of a child with autism they are true angels here on earth.”

“My grandson loves this place!! It is a great, fun place where a kid can be a kid!”

“Erika and Kim.  I wanted to thank you for always believing in Seth.  It is because of teachers like you he believes in himself today.  Thank you for giving so much of your time to help our kids.  We love you guys so much. Thanks for loving our kids as much as we do.”

“We were so lucky to find Oasis had a spot for her in their after school program and could accommodate her needs. She is in an environment where she is being challenged, her peers respect her and like her, and she never wants to leave. The teachers are working with her on different skills and communicating them to me to use at home so the skill building continues. My child is thriving and it’s a result of being a part of Oasis!”
“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work that you do for my children. They have truly enjoyed every activity and event that you have organized over this past year. My son has had the most impact from your intervention at Oasis. He was recently diagnosed with Selective Mutism in addition to his Autism diagnosis and Oasis has been the only place outside of our home that he has felt comfortable enough to initiate communication with another adult. We have struggled with these issues at school so when I saw that the activities and the staff at Oasis could provide the structure and social skills that he was not getting elsewhere, I was immediately drawn your program.”
“The staff at Oasis takes the time to work on skills that our family is working on at home and you are always open to helping us generalize those skills. Everyone has also provided some really great suggestions to help me tackle a few functional skills we have yet to master with my son Drew at home. I love the four-square social skills stories that Kim described and the social story Erika did regarding peer pressure when Drew was confronted with it. I have used it over and over again. I cannot say enough about the dedication and compassion that I have witnessed by these two ladies in such a short time with our family.”
“This program has been life changing because the skills that he learns in school are being adapted to everyday life and him being able to function in the community like a typical child. As he changes the staff adjusts things as needed and always keeps us informed and helps us to make the adjustments to incorporate the new models or skills into our everyday life. Our life has been forever changed by Oasis NC because we don’t know how we could make things so hard into something so simple.”
“OASIS NC is an incredible support for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), their families, and educators in the community. Not only do they provide education for students but they also offer trainings and supports to educators who want to learn more about meeting the unique needs of students with ASD. They promote best practices in efforts to support social skills, positive behavior, and independence. Most importantly, OASIS NC allows students who often struggle in traditional settings opportunities to shine, share their talents, and create meaningful relationships.
“The Oasis organization truly lives up to it’s name! When you have a child that no one understands and you feel like you have lost hope, Oasis is a beacon of light!  These ladies truly love and give of their time and talent to these precious kids. From social skills to life skills, to truly sacrificing to assist the autistic child.  I cannot say enough about this organization, and feel so deeply for children and their families that don’t have access to a place like Oasis.  Thank you so much for seeing the potential of the autistic child and appreciating them for who they are and what they can achieve!”
“I have a son who has autism.  I have directly been affected by having Oasis open and available for him and for us.  Oasis not only helps parents understand what is happening within their child’s autistic brain, but they offer low cost practical solutions to help parents in the home.  An example of this would be my son did not understand why, when there was a stranger standing across the street peering at our house , and we were fixing to leave I opened the door back up and said “love you Adam see you in a little while.”  My son said, “But dads not home.”  All that day and all the way to Oasis he stayed stuck on why I would do such a thing when dad wasn’t home.  He had no idea I was trying to protect our home.  I tried explaining it to him, but it failed.  Once I arrived at Oasis Erika and Kim sat him down (who was in the midst of melting down) and drew a stick figure picture story on why I did this.  He got it and understood.”
“I want to say without funding for Oasis many of the parents I work with as a Parent Advocate would have no where to turn with help with their children.  Erika and Kim have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help ensure that each child is loved and understood.  All of our kids are different and this looks different for each of them.  I have heard from parents that I work with that they wouldn’t know what to do if Oasis shut its doors for good.  Many parents feel that the local federally funded advocacy groups and our local public schools are failing to give the support that our children so desperately need.  Oasis is the gap filler many families (including mine) need.”
“OASIS NC services not only reach so many children and their parents, but also teachers and schools. I have had many students go to Oasis and have seen the tremendous growth that comes with their program and support. They have given children a place to feel safe and have fun while practicing social and life skills. The students bring those skills and the confidence back into the classroom and school to help them become even more successful in the school setting. Erika and Kim also help support teachers and schools by providing us with materials and ideas that help the children. They always are willing to help create social stories, schedules, and so many wonderful ideas that help the teachers and staff out tremendously. Their knowledge and amazing way that they reach children of all levels is very unique to our community. I am very proud to know them and I know they will continue to impact our community in so many ways.”
“On Halloween 2011 a brochure for Oasis was sent home from school with Jackson.  Desperate and willing to try anything, I contacted them and thus began the most rewarding and promising 12 months of treatment and growth my son has yet experienced.  Erika and Kim are more than his teachers; they are his most passionate defenders and his most ardent champions.  I truly believe they care for him more than just a student and I know that he loves them.  Not only was the attention and care my son received second to none, Oasis has given me two new best friends in Kim and Erika and a support system including therapists, counselors, and fellow parents that I’ve met either through or at Oasis.  I am no longer alone.”
“When we found out our boys were autistic, I was worried that we would not be able to help them develop to their full potential, but Erika and Kim have made it possible. Our boys have grown by leaps and bounds because of the OASIS NC team and I am forever grateful. They are kind, caring, and obviously know exactly what they are doing.” -Eddie
I feel like Oasis is the best thing that has happened to our family. As the mother of two autistic boys I always wonder if they will be treated fairly and respected. After meeting the ladies of OASIS NC my fears where quickly put to rest. I could tell how passionate they are about the kids and that they truly love what they do. It takes special people to do what they do and they are truly special.” – Nikki L.
“The ladies that do all the work at OASIS NC are awesome. There are not many people who provide services to children on the spectrum who genuinely get it. These ladies do, and that is what sets them apart from everyone else. I personally know how they interact with children on the spectrum because they have helped provide services for my son for over 2 years. I would recommend their services for anyone who has a loved one the spectrum“. – Stacy R. Glidden
“Our son had so much fun at the Oasis Summer Camp! He made new friends while working on academic and social skills. The entire staff at Oasis is skilled, educated professionals who are kind and thoughtful. They really care about creating a comfortable and safe environment for the kids, which makes me a grateful parent. We’re definitely participating next year!” – Aimee Rizor
“Erika, Kim and Maggie are truly exceptional people. OASIS NC was definitely born out of their love and understanding of children with autism. I met the founders of Oasis through the school system. Since then, they have provided both my child and me support outside of school and in fact, right in my home. I can honestly say that having that support from Oasis has made my understanding of autism (its challenges and gifts) so much more clear. I would recommend this program to any family who wants their child with autism to be successful and more importantly, happy in life.” – Stephanie Monteath
“OASIS is the funnest place I’ve been to yet!” Riley, Age 9