Oasis NC Lake




We  seek  to provide a balanced instructional day for our children.  A typical day at Oasis Day School will be filled with reading, math, writing , discussing, moving, creating, and playing.  We feel strongly about developing a relationship with our children and their families so that a sense of caring and support is felt by each student as we challenge them to learn new skills.
We believe that play is essential for learning and teaching. While in play, children are learning how to communicate, compromise, share, cooperate, trust, and problem solve.   We are there to facilitate and encourage positive interactions.
We strive to be consistent in instruction using evidence-based teaching methodology.  Our focus is academic, social and communication skill development, with the goal of helping our children become contributing, flourishing members of our community.






At Oasis Day School, our mission is to inspire each child to learn using engaging strategies within a comprehensive curriculum and a supportive environment.  We believe in school days filled with creative opportunities and individualized instruction which builds self-confidence and independence in academic skills and social connectedness.
We believe our children who come to Oasis desire relationships with their friends and their teachers.  As they consistently experience positive role modeling, facilitated peer interactions, and structured teaching paired with kindness and understanding, they develop trust, learn to try, and celebrate each other’s success. . . a typical day at Oasis Day School.



Our children benefit from small class size (teacher-child ratio is 1:3) and hands on activities presented in a consistent way so that they understand how long a session will last, what they will do in a session, and what they will do when they are finished (principles of Structured Teaching).  Our lessons are engaging and designed for immediate success yet we also teach ways to handle stress and new challenges. Our goals for all students are independence in skills and confidence in trying new skills.  We seek to connect experiences so the children see patterns of communication, social interactions, and academic skills.  Experiences are documented with videos, pictures, and journals so we can revisit our days and remember prior learning experiences.  We deliberately organize each activity to optimize communication and social learning while acquiring a strong academic foundation.

We specialize in teaching children on the autism spectrum.  We also work with other children who need intensive social or communication support while learning.   All children who attend Oasis benefit from the breakdown of  social skills into understandable steps while in an anxiety-free environment. We also directly teach acceptance, kindness, and personal space, therefore each child who attends is learning a skills set that nurtures interpersonal relationships.  Our children come to us with varying skill levels and as we assess and teach, we  ensure that he or she becomes a part of our learning community and feels a sense of belonging.  Within our structured sessions, we begin our teaching by taking time to develop relationships, by building rapport between adult and child, and by creating positive opportunities for the children to become friends.
Oasis Day School takes time with our children; we slow the pace down and ease into new routines, thus allowing time for depth of learning to occur.  They need time to learn how to make transitions and to learn new behaviors to replace those which can cause frustrations.  We patiently replace these behaviors with the words and actions which create calm and acceptance.  Over time and with consistency, we see positive changes and our children experience success, whether it is while reading a book on their own or using the right words so they can play with a friend and have fun.   Our direct instruction occurs within a structured group or while in a naturalistic play time or at lunch.  We help our children learn without making them feel different as strategies are taught to all our children.
Parents and other family members are part of the instructional team.  As we teach strategies for learning, we educate our families to use the strategies.  We also need to what is working well at home and use the same methods at Oasis.  Therefore our communication with families is ongoing and open.
At Oasis, our day includes opportunities to work and learn together, time for quiet, focused work to build academic skills, interspersed with activities which develop fine and gross motor skills and enhance sensory integration.   Teachers, patient and kind, are intent on providing a variety of experiences to engage the children. Ideas flow and children participate in hikes, gardening, volcano building, puppet shows, building cities, storytelling, and whatever else our children and teachers initiate.  We want our children to have typical experiences all children should have, such as putting on a magic show or playing a game of hide and seek.   We help them explore the world and provide explanations so they, as children on the spectrum, can understand, too.