Oasis NC Lake

Our Values

Academic and Personal Excellence
High aspirations of academic achievement and personal character builds the foundation for a happy, successful life.
Compassion and Respect for All
Compassion for your self, others, animals and the environment is above all else at SEAA.
Creativity and Confidence
Nurturing creativity in a supportive environment removes the fear of making mistakes and strengthens one’s confidence.
Diversity and Tolerance
Knowledge and acceptance of others’ differences, as well the ability to solve conflicts peacefully, prepares students for living in a globally-connected society. We happily welcome students of all races, religions, and members of our LGBTQ community.
Friendships and Fun
Friendships are essential for everyone and time to develop meaningful relationships is a vital part of our curriculum.
Health and Nutrition
Forming healthy eating and exercise habits early in life promotes healthy choices based on an understanding of nutrient-rich whole foods.
Independence and Leadership
Mindfulness and self-awareness instruction encourages students to look within to become the next generation of leaders!
Nature and Reflection
Spending time in nature develops an appreciation for the environment and provides opportunities for silence and reflection.
Service and Community
Developing the practice of serving others benefits oneself, the community, and the world.