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Our pedagogical approaches emphasize higher order reasoning, inquiry and problem solving, consistent with the instruction in each discipline.
Teaching Textbooks

All Teaching Textbooks products are designed specifically for independent learners who are working outside of a traditional classroom environment. Each Teaching… Textbook comes with a printed text plus several CD-ROMs that contain lectures for every lesson and step-by-step solutions to every single problem in the book.

Math Scool (http://www.bestquest.com/mathscoolhome.html)
Math’scoolĀ® is BestQuest’s newest DVD-based teaching tool. Using visualization techniques including illustrations, diagrams and models, BestQuest’s new supplemental math program is designed to develop conceptual understanding of

  • Numbers & Operations
  • Geometry
  • Measurement

as proposed within the NCTM Curriculum Standards for the middle grades. Math’scool lessons are designed to reach students of any age who are being introduced to these concepts for the first time, who need review or additional instruction, or who need a multi-sensory approach to comprehend
Algebra’s Cool (http://www.bestquest.com/algebrascoolhome.html)
Algebra’scoolĀ® is BestQuest Teaching Systems’ first program offering. This supplemental algebra program has won praise from educators who appreciate this engaging approach to interactive whole-class instruction.
Supplementary materials include the onlineĀ program IXL.Ā