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Community Based Learning

Students and staff at SEA Academy are committed to finding opportunities for experiential learning through frequent field trips, weekly community engagement, internships, and volunteering.  Leaving the predictability and security of our school allows for spontaneous instruction that requires to put their problem-solving skills into action!

Field Trips

Luna Café Coffee Club

Independent Living Excursions

Habitat For Humanity

Seaside Bagels

We also welcome the community to visit our school on a regular basis! Our visitors are always blown away with the politeness, and enthusiasm, of our students.  No one leaves without a smile on their face!  A few of our visitors include:


The Fossil Lady

Law Enforcement

Wilmington Compost Company

*** While New Hanover and surrounding counties are full of endless possibilities when it comes to community involvement, it is our vision of the future to expand our learning experiences beyond the community to other parts of the state, country, and beyond for exposure to additional cultures and perspectives!