Oasis NC Lake

Autism Awareness and Training

OASIS NC provides autism awareness training for school, church, camp and day care center staff members on interventions, accommodations, effective teaching strategies, and other information relevant to interacting with individuals with autism spectrum disorders.  In addition, we can provide program consultations to assist the implementation of strategies.
Hours: Staff training sessions have a 2 hour minimum. Consultations for individual students are a minimum of 3 hours total (observation, consultation, and implementation) and then scheduled on an as-needed basis.
Goals: Staff members will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn characteristics of autism
  • Learn strategies to:
    • Manage behaviors related to autism
    • Enhance social-communication skills of children with autism
    • Accommodate instructional materials
    • Accommodate classroom/school environment
  • Develop self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses related to working with children with autism
  • Feel confident using autism supports (visuals, schedules)

– Consultations

  • Observation
  • Conference
  • Model Intervention
  • Facilitate Intervention
  • Observe Intervention
  • Provide Feedback
  • Observe Intervention
  • Follow Up

– Staff trainings

  • Practice with typical educational scenarios
  • Practice making simple accommodations
  • “Make-and-take” activities